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“The biggest asset of a country is not its wealth or natural resources, it is its people. If this is considered true, then the poor are an absurd loss of asset.  Governments should, therefore, start looking at their poor not as a burden, as people in need, but as an asset and a potentially good investment”

— Dr Rodrigo Jordan, chairman of the Chilean National Foundation for Overcoming Poverty.

This blog is an attempt to gather  authentic data on  India and to find solutions in eliminating social conflicts.

This blog will bring  more resources to  anyone who are worried about the status of   Republic of India :  Intellectuals,  Sociologists,  Academics, Thinkers,   Statesman,  Political students,  Economists and Anti War activists.

With more than a billion people, India is a country of striking contrasts.  India accounts for 40 per cent of the world’s poor, 50 % of world’s hungry.

Its fiscal deficit is one of the highest in the world. Almost half of Indian women are still illiterate; about 40 million primary school-age children are not in school. 21 percent increase and India. Just one lakh people in India account for at least one tenth of the country’s GDP. In 2006, India had 1,00,015 people with a personal net worth in excess of at least $1 million (Rs 4.1 crore) each, according to the World Wealth Report. Last year, the number of Indians getting richer grew at 20.5%.

Over $1 trillion is being laundered every year by drug dealers, arms traffickers and other criminals in India, according to a report by audit and consulting firm KPMG.  Quoting from the 2008 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, prepared by the US Department of State, KPMG said India’s emerging status as a regional financial centre and informal cross-border money flows are the main contributors to growing money laundering in the country.

During the rule of Hindu right wing party,  BJP , the pro- zionist Hindutva intelligentia took the controle of political corridors of power in the Prime Minister’s office, the Defence Ministry and the Home ministry, in New Delhi. It is being alleged that the presence of this arms trading network were traced in many armed conflicts across India. This influential network also established various research institutions across India to hype security risks and thus to promote weapon trade. The money coming from the bribes and the kick backs have been channelised to the welfare of Sangh Parivar empire. The military agreements, collaboration on nuclear and missile defense, and sharing of intelligence with Israel has not changed under the current  Congress Party lead government.

India now buys half of its arms from Israel, making it Israel’s biggest customer. Israeli economy rests on its defense industry, its main export, as well as the inflow of US tax dollars.  The interests and aspirations of the ordinary citizens of India or Israel are not fulfilled with unfair business deals.

According to the Israel National Insurance Institute findings, one of every four Israelis lives below the poverty line — that’s 1.6 million people. Thirty-five percent of children are living in poverty, leaving Israel with this unhappy distinction. The number of Israeli millionaires per capita is twice the world average, according to the 2005 World Wealth Report. The rate of increase in the number of millionaires in Israel is 50 higher than global rates, says Merrill Lynch report (2006).

Some 7,400 Israelis are worth at least $1 million, the World Wealth Report said, including 84 who have at least $30 million. The total liquid assets of Israel’s upper echelon grew by 25 percent, to $30 billion, between 2004 and 2005, according to the report. Those designated by the report as the nine richest Israelis made their fortunes in everything from diamonds to real estate to communications to entertainment. The story  of  Poor and Rich in both countries are similar.

But, India and Israel have found a shared enemy to target in their respective “anti-terrorism” operations, conflating Kashmir and Pakistan with Palestine, and also common agreement on a framework that has gained global currency with Bush’s “war on terrorism,” resulting in the new “India-Israel-US axis.” US based Indian scholar, Vijay Prashad says Mossad and India’s Research Analysis Wing (RAW) shared information and analysis from the late 1970s onwards.

The door to Washington, many have realized, is through Tel Aviv. And in the U.S., according to some, the door to Capitol Hill is through AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobbying group that shuts down all criticism of Israel as “anti-Semitic.” Hindu right-wing groups, such as the Indian American Political Action Committee (USINAPAC) and the Hindu American Foundation (linked to the VHP) have forged alliances with AIPAC and the American Jewish Committee and they gained unimaginable wealth through weapon deals.

In July 2007, India’s Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) found many ‘blood diamonds’ are being smuggled in to Surat, the country’s polishing center.The rough diamonds from “Antwerp, London and Israel are brought on fishing boats through the shallow waters of Gujarat’s west coast, they said.

Blood or Conflict diamonds originate primarily from war zones where they are illegally mined and later sold secretly. The perpetrators use the profits to buy arms, fund civil wars and military coups against legitimate governments there.

Surat’s gems and jewellery industry, which comprises of more than 6,000 small and big diamond cutting and polishing units, employs around seven lakh people. Being the largest processor and exporter of precious stones in the world, India, with a turnover of Rs 45,000 crore, has always been suspected of getting blood diamonds processed here, DRI officials say. And with nine out of every 11 diamonds in the world being cut in Surat, the city’s cutting and polishing industry is closely associate itself with Hindutva mafia. Rough diamond activity in Israel was in high gear in June. Israel’s exports of rough diamonds skyrocketed, totaling $341 million, a 74.5 percent rise over the $195 million in rough diamonds in June 2006.

The alliance of  Market Economy oriented capitalists in India and Israel misguide deeply religious Hindu and Jewish communities to attain their business goals. The poor and marginalized communities in every country are victimized by this  market force based evil axis.

“Bad ideas flourish because they are in the interest of powerful groups” — Paul Krugman

Written by Cyber Gandhi

November 1, 2009 at 5:32 am

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