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Kashmir is having the heaviest military-to-civilian ratio in the world.  More than half a million military works hard to keep six million Kashmris with Republic of India.  According to official figures, the combined strength of the main militant groups in Kashmir is between four and six thousand.  But we have more than 5,00,000 troops to try and cope with 6,000 militants!

Muslims constitute a majority of the population, at 67% in Jammu & Kashmir, which has been wracked by militancy and violence.  But according to official data,  the crimes  from J&K contributes to only 1.1% of Indian crime, about the same as its population compared to all-India figures.  The state is also having  a lower conviction rate for molestation  with 11.2% while all-India average is 30.7%.  Kashmir’s conviction rate for rape cases is 10.7%.

The primary School attendance in  Jammu and Kashmir is  86.7.

According to a computation made by the General Administration Department (GAD) in 2005,  the Jammu and Kashmir state had roughly 3,52,000 employees.  The Department worked out the percentage of employees to the total strength of respective communities.

Hindu employees represent 4.61 percent of the 30 lakh Hindu population in the state whereas Muslims have a representation of 2.85 percent for the 68 lakh Muslim population. So relative to the respective populations, Hindus outnumber Muslims in the State government.

Starting with the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), the total cadre strength is 94 with 24 officers belonging to the Kashmir division, 27 officers belonging to the Jammu division and two from Ladakh. The other 41 babus are from outside the state.

Most of the core developmental departments like Planning, Finance, R&B, PHE and Irrigation are headed by non-Kashmiris. Even the all important departments of Agriculture, Revenue, Social Welfare, Health, Home, CAPD, Industries and Commerce, Information, PDD are ‘endowed’ to non-Kashmiris. The trend is the same for Science and Technology, Transport and Culture.  No Kashmiri components!

Since 1947, out of 26 Chief Secretaries of the State, only 6 have been Kashmiri Muslims.

Out of the 338 The Kashmir Administrative Service  (KAS)  cadre officers in the state, 155 officers belong to Kashmir division, 151 to Jammu division and 22 to Ladakh division. 10 officers are from junior KAS.

From 2001 till date, 478 KAS appointments have been made.  Kashmiris are at 106, Ladakh at 12 and Jammu at a staggering overpowering figure of 360.

The 641 Muslims and the 1015 Hindus figuring in the tentative seniority list of 1656 Junior Agriculture Assistants as of April 2006.

Amongst the 429 Accounts Assistants selected by the Service Selection Board in April 2008,  Jammu accounts for 334 Assistants while Kashmir got only 95.

The State Hugh Court has so far sent 3 judges to the Supreme Court and all of them from were Jammu. One of whom, Justice Anand, served as Chief Justice of India. The other two were justice Raja Jaswant Singh and Justice R P Sethi.

According to Transparency International 2008 report, Jammu and Kashmir state is rated as “Alarmingly Corrupt

Marginalized Dalits constitutes 10 % population of Jammu and Kashmir state which is closer to the population of Brahmins in the state.  People often sympathize with Brahmins, but not with Jammu’s Dalits. Everyone knows miseries of Kashmiri Brahmins (Pundits) because of  the huge propoganda of hindutva zealots. Dalits are still under the slavery of Pundits and their voice is unheard. Hindutva crooks often address them as super-Hindus to keep brahmin supremacy alive. [Yoginder Sikand, 2004]

According to official figures, 5,764 families, most of them belonging to dalits, migrated from the neighbouring Sialkot district (currently in Pakistan) due to communal riots are denied basic rights.  Though they have been J & K residents for the past 60 years and are Indian citizens, they cannot buy property, get employment in the State or even vote in the Assembly elections as they do not have the Permanent Resident Certificate.

At least 160 square kilometers land in Jammu region and 1,730 square kilometers land in Kashmir region remained contaminated with mines.

The annual Land mine Monitor Report for 2007

According to Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society, nearly 70,000 people have died in the 17-year conflict in India’s portion of Kashmir, a figure markedly higher than the latest police count.  The All Parties Hurriyat Conference, the main separatist political alliance in the state, says more than 100,000 people have been killed in the nearly two decades of violence.  A combination of police and human rights figures compiled by AP have previously put the death toll at 68,000.

Indians top the list of people smuggled into Sweden, and eventually the European Union and majority of them are Kashmiris.

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November 3, 2008 at 12:07 pm

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