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Hindutva’s fake National Pride on India

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A 2006 opinion poll by Outlook—AC Nielsen shows that 46 % of India’s urban class wants to settle down in US. Interestingly, in the Hindutva heart land of Gujarat, 54 % of people want to move to US.

Even Parliament members of the Hindutva party are involved in human trafficking from India. Recently police arrested, Babubhai Katara, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP, who was part of such a racket. He received 20,000 US $ per person for US migration from victims.

When Indians are fleeing around the world to find a job, how can this hindutva idiots can claim on “National Pride of India”?

India is the World Bank’s largest borrower, In June 2007 it provided $3.7bn in new loans to India. Due to the fake ‘India Shining’ propaganda launched by Hindutva idiots, foreign donors are reluctant to help the poor people in this country. According to figures provided by Britain’s aid agency, the total aid to India, from all sources, is only $1.50 a head, compared with an average of $17 per head for low-income countries. [Financial Times]

Gridlocked in corruption, greed, inhumanity and absolute inequality – of class, caste, wealth, religion – this is the Real INDIA. Hindutva Idiots, Your false pride and actions make our life miserable.


Written by Cyber Gandhi

November 1, 2009 at 6:02 am

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  1. What India needs are young people in the government who are well educated…have genuine love for the country and who will uphold the constitution. They also have common sense and take logically sound actions even if it means enraging certaing groups that are holding back progress because of their pigheadidness, selfishness, corruption and basically unsound tradtitions and customs. All these things are detrimental to justice, peace, social responsability, even the environment and well being of the physical organism. It is up to the indivisual to live with true pride, absolute tolerance along with good doses of style and fashion sence. Simple things need to be self enforced, like, dont bribe or be bribed, dont litter, dont create excessive noise or any other types of pollution even during religious festivals, demand and use quality products. Indians should settle for nothing but the best. Thats the only way the quality of the entrie country in every sphere will improve. Donot tolerate potholed rubbish strewn streets, donot tolerate power cuts, donot tolerate low quality food or clothing, donot tolerate polution or energy wastage, donot tolerate corruption etc. etc. etc. Each and every indian should demand the best, expect to get the best and give his best in every thing he/she does.
    Each and every person should have the freedom to do what he/she wants to do, wear what he/she wants to wear and say what he/she wants to say etc. as long as it does not harm any body else.
    Indians tend to think of them selves as good and modest. Then why is it that most of the young women who travell in Indian cities to and from work can tell you many stories of eve teasing and molestation that they them selves have experienced on a number of occations? Some will say it is because of the revealing clothes they wear.HOGWASH. Well if jeans and a T shirt causes these perverts to thnk that they have been given a permit to molest the girl…then this is truly a sick society we live in. I have had personal experiences with police havaldars in a major city in India…where said havaldars took offence to me holding my sposes hand on the street, that too in the year 2009. DISGUSTING


    March 2, 2010 at 8:05 pm

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