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India, a closed country

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India’s share in world tourism map, was hovering between 0.38% to 0.39% for number of years. Irrespective of its huge area and beautiful nature, the foreign exchange earned from tourism was merely $2.61 billion (2006). India, scored only 4.14 out of seven in The WEF’s recently released Travel and Tourism Competitive Index (TTCI2007). Among 124 countries listed, Switzerland ranked highest while India was placed at 65th rank, which is far below of Malaysia (ranked 31). India was also listed at the bottom of ‘developing and threshold countries’, which listed Tunisia at 34th place.

Indian immigration doesn’t welcome foreigners to visit India . [VISA requirements, T&T index, India ranked 106, while Malaysia ranked 15 . VOA facilities are not available to anyone. The easier entry to India virtually limited to countries with considerable Hindu population like Mauritius or Nepal. The Hindu elite leaders of the country always concerned about India’s physical boundaries and its holy cows rather than the life of its 85 % poor people. To them, the national interest means their own economical or political interests.

Indian Embassies are rated as the worst service providers around the globe. They are notorious for ‘red tapes‘ and ‘ corruption friendly service‘ a complaint repeatedly quoted by Non Resident Indians itself.   90 % of Indian businessman believes  that India has yet to emerge as a “hospitable country”. ASSOCHAM


Written by Cyber Gandhi

November 1, 2009 at 5:59 am

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